LPG in businesses

Many leisure businesses in rural areas, from hotels and pubs to gold clubs and spas depend on LPG to provide heat, hot water and cooking facilities.

In industry, it is used for a range of applications. It is used for space and process heating, to power industrial ovens in the production of food, in kilns and furnaces as well as in powering forklift trucks to help cut harmful emissions in warehouses. LPG can also be used by commerce and industry.

The agricultural sector also depends on LPG for processes such as crop drying, poultry rearing and greenhouse heating. This improves the quality and production.

LPG for leisure

LPG is also used in leisure activities such as camping, caravanning and boating. It is also popular for barbecues, street food and festivals. An outdoor LPG barbecue or gas store emits 33% less carbon than the charcoal alternative.

LPG as transport fuel

LPG auto gas is the most widely available and environmentally friendly alternative fuel in the UK with over 1400 refuelling sites. Most petrol engines can be converted to LPG.

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Switch your Supplier

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