Switch Your Supplier

If you currently use oil for your central heating system you should consider switching to City Clean; the closest off – grid alternative to natural gas. City Clean gas offers a cleaner, efficient and modern alternative to heating your home. Switching from oil to gas is easier than you think, and in just a few simple steps you could be enjoying the benefits of mains gas, off the grid.

More reasons to switch from oil to gas

Fuel theft
Fuel theft from a gas tank is virtually impossible, giving you peace of mind

Cleaner & greener
LPG has the lowest carbon emissions, emitting around 20% less CO2 per kWh than oil

Easy account management
From easy payment plans andmanaging your account online, it’s easy for you to enjoy rural living

Efficient boilers
A-rated LPG boilers are cheaper to buy than oil boilers and are highly efficient

Local support and advice

You can visit our birmingham branch for any advice and support

Cook on gas
Gas provides an instant and controllable flame so it’s just like cooking on mains gas